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Stop spam and viruses with F-Prot AVES
-An On-line Managed E-mail Security Service
Computer viruses and worms distribute themselves in most cases by e-mails and are thus able to spread at an incredible speed across the Internet.

The F-Prot AVES e-mail security service is designed to stop e-mail borne security threats before they enter your network.
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Reactive antivirus solutions vs. managed security services Traditional reactive anti-virus solutions are no longer adequate to protect companies from this fast distribution method. The time between a virus outbreak and identification of the virus and customers updating their systems can be many hours, even some days.

The ever growing problem of spam tackled
Another problem e-mail users are facing is the amount of spam that has increased more than six times in the past two years. According to the consulting and market research firm Radicati Group, one third of all e-mails received today are Spam. This will increase considerably in the near future. The growing rate of Spam slows bandwidth, wastes storage, annoys users and plagues the e-mail industry as well as open a way for undesirable content that companies do not want.

F-Prot AVES is an on-line managed security service, aimed at delivering a one-stop comprehensive solution against the harm that viruses and Spam cause to e-mail users around the globe.

The F-Prot AVES service is designed to filter out unwanted e-mail on the Internet, before it even reaches company networks. On average it takes 1.5 second to scan an e-mail so there is no noticeable delay in processing messages.

No hardware or software purchases necessary
On-line security service also means that you don’t have to purchase any hardware or software. Just subscribe to the F-Prot AVES service and our experts that are on the watch 24/7 will take care of keeping your protection up-to-date.

F-Prot AVES is even more than a virus and Spam filtering service. F-Prot AVES scans for HTML and JavaScript exploits as well as monitoring attacks on e-mail programs and servers. F-Prot AVES guarantees our clients the best protection available today.

F-Prot AVES – Subscription Options

The SecureFirst service is our entry-level service. The following features are available: Messages are sanitised and disinfected. If disinfection fails, the message is rejected. A warning message is sent to the recipient.

SecureActive stores unmodified copies of infected messages in a quarantine where the user can view a message log and see how the content was modified. The user can also bypass the security measures and resend the original to his/her mailbox. Infected originals are kept in the quarantine for 30-90 days.

Features that can be customised in SecureActive include:

Virus scanning and disinfection policies
Permitted or banned attachment types
Preventative security measures, such as message header sanity checks, standard compliance checks and removal of JavaScript or “web bugs” from HTML e-mail Access to the web interface can be controlled, giving some users permission to manipulate the contents of their own quarantine while others must seed assistance from a system administrator

SecurePlus is an on-line backup system, which includes all the features of SecureActive. Copies are kept in the backup area for 30 days.
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